1 5 drop and bounce lab 2013

Langmuir 32 13— The tangetial velocity of the surface relative to the drop can trigger or inhibit a splash.

Seven Steps to Simulate a Drop Test

Postprocess the Results Properly analyze the results from the study. A fluffy ball moves a bit slower through the air. But, they still had to participate and take the measurements. Asymmetric capillary bridges between contacting spheres. Regular and Extra Duty Balls What is the difference? Go up Hypothesis We believe that as the drop height increases, the coefficient of restitution will stay the same.

I think the day I heard the most complaints was the day we performed a linear regression on data we gathered by eating twizzlers. To apply the coating, the researchers use a technique called electrospinning that uses an electric charge to create fine particles of solid from a liquid solution.

A material that most liquids won't wet

I told the students that they would not be given another tennis ball. If you are predicting a large displacement or high stress concentration, apply mesh control as well as a curvature based mesh to accurately take small features into account.

Movie Related Publications Press Coverage: Then, you click on the y-axis and choose the dependent variable. One caveat is necessary. Surprisingly, there is no ITF rule about the force required to compress a ball by 1 inch.

Ball Testing

Nylon does not weave as tightly as wool because it is a much smoother fiber. This was our first time ever to explore the spreadsheet function on our TI-Nspires. I have also done this activity without having the students share results. Then, you will find yourself in a scenario like this. Apply Study Refinements Refinements to the study, such as an elasto-plastic material model or contact can be applied to make the simulation more realistic.

Me - What did you do with the tennis ball I just gave you? Minimum size for the top jet drop from a bursting bubble. Capillary displacement of viscous liquids.

The change in stiffness over time depends on the type of rubber compound. Linear Regression Lab 3: In some respects, step 3 is more important than steps 2 or 4. If an object has a COR of exactly zero, this means that all the energy was lost during the collision. A ball loses mass by losing some of its cloth cover see opening photo with ball fuzz accumulating around the court slab, ball machine, and side of the court.

For example, if a piece of clay were dropped onto the ground, the piece of clay loses all its kinetic energy into its surrounding through sound and heat and becomes deformed due to this loss of energy. The durability test involved firing each ball 30 times at high speed and oblique angle onto a cutout slab of hardcourt.Drop Bounce Lab Problem: or (bottom) when judging both the height of the drop and the height of the bounce.

2. 4. 5. Data Table A: Drop Height and Bounce Height Drop Height Bounce Height Bounce Height Bounce Height Average of Bounce Ht.

Trial 1 6/27/ AM. 1 point For having lab equipment and measurement procedures well specified 1 point Record the speeds measured by the photogate before and after the bounce. Change the drop height of the ball at least five times, covering a range of AP Physics 1 Scoring Guidelines, (where h0 is the original drop height and h1 is the first return bounce height) 3) Find the work you do on the ball to lift it to each of your three drop heights.

In a sense, the earth does work on the ball to bring it to the ground – that is via the gravitational force. Dec 28, @ pm touch the lab it won't get destroyed so u just need a damn tall cockpit with their hacked 40m/s crash rating to 'bounce' off the water before the lab touches it, have asas on the bottom enabled after the chute open(or before if you align yourself) to keep the lab straight up and the lab should stay dry and safe.

did 8. Mr. Burton's Science Class Website. Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User. Fun With Linear Regression Labs Otherwise, students will start their practice bounces before you demonstrate the proper way to bounce a tennis ball for this lab.

Then, you will find yourself in a scenario like this. (1) February (5) January (6) ().

1 5 drop and bounce lab 2013
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