The history of the khian sea endeavors

But in researching the topic, I stumbled upon the tangentially related story of the Khian Sea, a ocean-going vessel that sailed the seas for years with a payload of poisonous incinerator ash from Philadelphia.

So they came back to north America, and tried several U. No one wanted their tainted cargo.

This UN treaty was signed inshortly after the Philly ash had been illegally dumped in the ocean, and entered into force inamidst the worst of the legal wrangling. The Khian Sea, aka Felicia, aka Pelicano.

This was business as usual back in the day. The Khian Sea originally had a contract with the Bahamas to accept the ash, but en route the Bahamian government changed it mind and reneged. The Northwest Incinerator in Philadelphia. But the story of the Khian Sea has two interesting footnotes: Thus, instead of generating environmental waste as the facility used to, it is now a beacon of conservation in the neighborhood.


Over those 16 years the Khian Sea sailed around the world, trying to find a country—any country—that would accept the ash for disposal.

Australian pines were everywhere, some as tall as 10 feet. Guess who owned EES? In recent years, however, conferences regarding the Basel Convention have focused on e-waste. And they get something really right today with a feature and video that revisits the infamous Mobro Garbage Barge episode from the late s: Senegal, Sri Lanka, Singapore.

Whatever Happened To. . .

And there was a hibiscus plant with pretty pink blooms. Green Building Council, meaning it attained a high level of energy efficiency. First, the Northwest Incinerator, which generated the toxic ash that bedeviled the ship, was eventually decommissioned and converted into office space.

The Khian Sea planned to sail to some poor, unsuspecting country and dump the ash there. Finally Pennsylvania agreed to take back its trash and bury it in a local landfill, near where it came from in the first place. Three years later—in —the ash was loaded onto a barge and shipped to Florida.

You might just say the ship was looking for an ash hole. Thousands of tons of discarded electronic products have found their way to developing nations under the guise of being a commodity that has value in recycling its components.

Lucie Canal for a couple of years until the Environmental Protection Agency declared the ash nonhazardous and thus suitable for the landfill.

Maybe not as timely as the e-waste situation, but a good lesson in environmental history and a reminder that the long arc of history bends toward justice. During its Flying Dutchman odyssey around the world, the crew mutinied, and two executives of the shipping company went to prison for ordering the crew to dump the ash over the side in the middle of the ocean.May 31,  · Basel Convention and Khian Sea May 31, // The Basel Convention is a United Nations treaty that was signed in to control the transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal.

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Dec 23,  · khian sea waste disposal incident Garbage in water drains polluting Mumbai coastline: BMC In an affidavit filed before a division bench of justices A S Oka and Riyaz Chagla, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said, "There are storm water drain outfalls which drain into the Arabian sea directly.

On August 31,the cargo ship Khian Sea, registered in Liberia, was loaded with more than 14, tons of ash from waste incinerators in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city had previously sent such waste to New Jersey.

A huge freighter packed with Philadelphia's burned trash has been cruising the world for nearly two years looking for a foreign garbage dump.

The tale of the foot Khian Sea is. The Strange Saga of the Khian Sea By: Kathy Wilson Peacock I was all set to write about Agbogbloshie, the neighborhood in Accra, Ghana, that.

The history of the khian sea endeavors
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